The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare at Imperial College London focusses on training AI PhDs and Clinical PhD Fellows in healthcare applications of core AI. Our large and diverse PhD cohorts benefit from an integrated training program that offers a unique sandbox and research environment.

Artificial Intelligence

We take the view that AI is ultimately a question about how to realise artificial systems that solve problems presently requiring human intelligence to solve (e.g. problems solved by clinicians, nurses and therapists).

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the contemporary answers to this question, where the idea is to learn, instead of programming intelligence. This also requires the integration of data (data engineering) and understanding of data (data science), as well as pathways of delivery, through decision support systems via people, robots, or wearables.

Healthcare Impact

Most areas of healthcare can benefit from AI. Immediate gains can be predicted for support of diagnosis, monitoring and improvements in efficiency of care delivery, thereby boosting survival, quality of life and reducing costs and delays in treatment. There is unique potential for UK-based innovation to lead in transforming services with AI, in partnership with the NHS.

World-class research training in AI and machine learning for healthcare.