A selection of larger research grants in AI for Healthcare at Imperial, and key partnerships and capabilities that underpin our research

Reinforcement learning for healthcare UKRI Alan Turing Fellowship (Professor Aldo Faisal)

Non-invasive, single neuron electrical monitoring – combining technology development signal processing and AI to decode brain outputs (UKRI EPSRC) (Professor Dario Farina)

SmartHeart – cardiovascular integrated image acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and learning (UKRI EPSRC) – Professor Daniel Rueckert

Spatiotemporal statistical machine learning (ST-SML): theory, methods, and applications – focus on public health & public policy applications (UKRI EPSRC) (Professor Seth Flaxman)

Argumentation-based Deep Interactive EXplanations(ADIX) – improving explainability in medicine, law and beyond (ERC) (Professor Francesca Toni)

NHSX AI in Health and Care Awards – the Department of Health’s flagship scheme for AI projects from universities or industry, from early to late stage development. Examples of the larger grants:

AI Clinician Decision Support system for Sepsis treatment (Professors Tony Gordon, Aldo Faisal)

Assessing the Ibex Medical Analytics AI system in prostate cancer histology. (Professor Hashim Ahmed)

Point of care heart failure diagnosis with a smart stethoscope (Imperial’s Connected Care national GP network)

AI in breast cancer screening (Professor Ara Darzi)

Cognition and behaviour – developing sensors and algorithms for dementia monitoring and support (UKRI MRC) (Professor David Sharp)

Partnerships and Capabilities in Imperial and Beyond

Discover NOW – a Health Data Research UK hub providing access to depersonalised linked data from NHS in London and Manchester

UK Dementia Research Institute – applying AI to dementia monitoring, care, diagnosis and basic research.

Digital Health London – part of MedCity, working with businesses, NHS trusts and universities across the city to support innovation.

NIHR Imperial College Biomedical Research Centre – providing infrastructure for translational medical research and the iCARE analytics facility.