Our vision is to use AI for the benefit of mankind, by closing the loop between patients and their wellbeing with the help of AI.

Closing the loop is a virtuous cycle that improves AIs by learning from humans, and helps humans by learning from AIs.

What role will AI play in healthcare?

AI will play a key role in our healthcare of the future by providing more accurate decisions faster, reducing costs and suffering across societies worldwide. The healthcare area requires a large number of AI specialists that are trained to apply their skills in a domain that faces numerous barriers for innovations (e.g. regulatory, ethical, legal and scientific hurdles).

Our Themes and Streams

Our vision is to establish a world leading centre for PhD training of next-generation innovators in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to Healthcare. We take the view that AI is ultimately a question about how to realise artificial systems that solve problems presently requiring human intelligence to solve (e.g. problems solved by clinicians, nurses and therapists). The contemporary answer to the AI research question is machine learning, i.e. learning how to solve the problem from experience instead of programming it.

What does the Centre do?

As a student at the Centre, you will become the next generation of Artificial Intelligence researchers specialising in applications to healthcare. You will work with world-class researchers at the forefront of Machine Learning and medical research, using state-of-the-art equipment and methods to work on transdisciplinary problems.