The UKRI CDT AI for Healthcare has been involved in organising a number of events

Digital Health Industry Event

The Digital Health Industry Event in September 2022 included the Regulatory Workshop on 15 Sept. 2022

Digital Health Industry Event Programme

AI in Future Health & Care: Regulation, Evaluation & Policies

Imperial College Symposium, Sept 2021

Symposium Programme

AI in Healthcare: The Fundamentals

Link to ‘Good Machine Learning Practice (GMLP) for Medical Device Development’
by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Three reports to introduce and explain the topic

Joint AI CDT Conferences

UKRI AI CDTs Conference – May 2022

Imperial AI Talks

Serena Villata
Nov. 2022
AI at the Service of Society to Analyse Human Arguments

Gustavo Deco
Oct. 2022
The Thermodynamics of Mind

Owen Johnson
Jul. 2022
Process Oriented Data Science for Healthcare: opportunities and challenges for AI

Annalu Waller
Jul. 2022
Supporting Extended Conversation for People using AAC

Pallavi Tiwari
May 2022
Artificial Intelligence and Computational Imaging: Opportunities for Precision Medicine

Volker Tresp
Jan. 2022
The Tensor Brain:  Semantic Decoding for Perception and Memory

Konrad Kording
Dec. 2021
Causality in Neuroscience

Stanislav Fort
Oct. 2021
Understanding the loss landscapes of large neural networks: scaling, generalization, and robustness

James Collins
Jun. 2021
Harnessing deep learning for antibiotic discovery and synthetic biology

Wenjia Bai
Jun. 2021
Machine Learning for Cardiac Image Analysis

Krzysztof Jerzy Geras May 2021
Explainable Deep Neural Networks for Medical Image Analysis

Bjoern Eskofier
May 2021
AI for Future Health